vineri, 27 mai 2016

Starkly Beautiful Brutalist Buildings, Photographed in Black and White

The building above might not be the place you’d expect to house the Dr. Seuss archives, or indeed be named after him. The thick concrete and geometric lines are the opposite of whimsical. But the Geisel Library at UC San Diego is in fact named after Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel. Designed by William Pereira, it is also a prominent example of brutalist architecture, and so iconic for the university that itwas incorporated into its logo.
The Geisel Library opened in 1970. Later that decade, as art director and graphic designer Peter Chadwick was growing up in north-east England, he found himself inspired by the concrete industrial buildings and new towns. As an adult, he began to photograph examples of brutalist architecture wherever he could find them. In 2014, Chadwick created the twitter account BrutalHouse, as a place to share his photos.

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