miercuri, 20 iulie 2016

Temple Invisible live la Kulturama

Temple Invisible live at DADA 100 by Kulturama on 23 July at 8:30 PM.

Temple Invisible is an experimental-electronic duo, formed in 2012 in Bucharest, Romania. 

Temple Invisible’s music diffuses a unique blend of electronic influences and musical genres combined with a classical sense of composition. Since releasing their debut single "Disappearance" in May 2014 they have had a pretty active year, whether playing multiple venues around their hometown, performing on the main stage at Electric Castle Festival in Transylvania, finding new fans around the world or launching their first EP “Enter_”. ‘Enter_’ is an introduction to their blended style of multi-layered electronica.

“Paving the way in electronic music” — Hunger Magazine

"The crushing intensity of their music comes equipped with a redemptive, blissful edge" — Clash Magazine

"Imagine if Daughter went '80s goth or a more psychedelic Portishead and you'll probably land in the ballpark of Temple Invisible" — The Line Of Best Fit

"Irina's vocals draw you in with a dangerously smooth delivery of tone while the accompanying electro beats and synth sounds deliver wave after wave of hedonistic pleasure" — Suba-Culture

"These guys are very much a sound of their own making. A trio of multi-instrumentalists, they fuse heavy alt-rock inspired guitar riffs with a savage array of viscid beats, guiding all the while with twisting electronica and unsettling wispy tones from vocalist Irina Bucescu" — Sonicscope

"(...) Bucharest three-piece Temple Invisible audibly pilfer a fair amount from many a more Western counterpart (Collide features breathy, trip hoppy vocals courtesy of Irina Bucescu; protuberant, distorted bass lines of which Colin Greenwood could be proud; a built-up breakdown that sounds not unlike Björk fronting Blue Lines-era Massive Attack) although the Romanians have interwoven their influences together with one another in so nimble a manner, that their music should incorporate the precision seen in the amorphous reticulum from the above artwork." — Dots & Dashes

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