vineri, 15 iulie 2016

Omelette Live la Kulturama

Omelette is a synthpop/synth-punk band with influences from the ‘80s and modern age electronic personal accents. 

Established in 2015, Omelette induce through their music a special, solar energy, based on good vibe and mood for dancing, supported by video projections and dance performances during their live shows.

The band members are:
Dez (voice and composition),
Alin Zăbrăuţeanu (composition and sound production),
Vali Chincişan (visual artist).

Omelette is the second musical project of Dez and Alin. With the first one, entitled Jazzadezz, they released two albums: Inimani Mal (2008) and Panta Rhei (2010) . Vali Chincişan is in the VJ-ing scene since 2004 and won the Best Romanian Film Award at Animest in 2009.

Omelette band has four videos: With a Rose with a Fire, Hello, Be Kind For Real and Kissing – the last one entered in heavy-rotation on national radios and televisions.

They are now busy with their next release, the song Luna, and they are also working on the first Omelette LP which is due to launch next year.

This summer, Omelette will play at festivals such as Padina Fest, Spellground and Waha Festival.

“The new Bucharest-based band Omelette is one of those projects that pop up over night, without even noticing, and after two or three weeks they obsessively rape your ears or your personal playlist” (Cultartes)

“Fresh from the oven, the amazing Omelette” (Spellground Festival)

“Omelette, where have you been till now?” (Eclectic FM)

The videos, music, interviews, photo galleries and events of the band

Omelette are all available on the band's official website:
Intrarea este libera.

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